ByPass the Firewall

SinoVPN allows you to bypass the GFW or your local ISP blocking to have full access to any website on the Internet, including Facebook, Youtube, or corporate sites that are unreachable from within China

China Focus

China Focus

SinoVPN only serves clients in China. We understand the realities of foreign businesses and individuals living in China when it comes to internet access. Our support team is also based within China.


Maximum Privacy & Security

We use OpenVPN technology for our VPNs, which is one of the most secure VPN technologies, to guarantee that your data is not accessible to any third party.

Multiple Locations

Clients can choose between Hong Kong, Los Angeles or Miami , USA & Manchester, UK for their VPN location.

SinoVPN provides a secure and private VPN service targeting foreign owned businesses in China. Through our service, businesses operating in China and their employees can have unblocked access to overseas websites.

SinoVPN takes customer privacy seriously. We will never share your information to third parties and no logs are taken of customer activity. We also use a high level of encryption which means that even in the unlikely case usage data was leaked they would be completely unreadable.

Due to existing laws and regulations in China, this service is currently not available to Chinese nationals.